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Tea, Lunch, Coffee, Breakfast, and Beer 26 June 2017

As a typical specimen of Introvertus sapien, keeping friends up to date with the various going ons of my life can be exhausting.That is one of the reasons I continue to use Facebook. By simply uploading a few photos from a recent outdoor trip or posting a witty bit of song, I insure that I meet the minimal requirements for friends to still feel connected.

Falls a bit flat when you have lunch or breakfast or even just a drink with a friend and you realize that they have absolutely no idea what you have been doing with yourself. Not saying I feel bad about this, simply that it seems like a matter that should be addressed in order to maintain social norms. Hey, you like lists? Me too!

  • I am unemployed! Yes, still! I am working pretty hard on a personal project that may or may not turn into anything in the long run. Not sure I care too much about its long term prospectives since the original point of this project was to build my own application and rediscover my joy of development again. On that front, this has been a success.
  • I am slowly looking for a job again. I just had a phone interview last week for a job at Reed College where I would be helping them build out a brand new Computer Science department, which seems challenging and fun. I have started looking for jobs internationally as well. It seems prudent and wise to start considering options outside of the United States at this time.
  • Tina and I still together and I moved in a few months ago. Woo! Relationships are both easy and hard. Easy because you get to share your life with someone who cares for you and accepts you, hard because you are sharing your life with someone and sometimes you are an irrational creature. I mean, I understand why we cannot have pizza for dinner every night...but...PLEASE?
  • Dan and Amy had a kid. I feel like this should weird me out a bit, but it oddly does not. He's also mind bogglingly cute. Aliens? Genetic enhancement? Krispy Kreme?
  • I am signed up to run the NUT 100K in August and the Mountain Lakes 100 in September. Thanks to a lot of non-running fun in the past six months and then getting sick for a week after being injured for a week, I am starting to feel a little anxious that I am not training enough. I pulled off both a self-supported 30 miler and unsupported 40 miler last year with a less than a stellar amount of training but these races are significantly more in the mileage department. Might have to start bailing on other activities to insure I get my training in. It's going to be fine. IT'S GOING TO BE FINE! <breathes into paper bag>
  • No big trips or adventures planned at the moment. Most of this year has been spent on "smaller trips" like the 10-day Wilderness First Responder course, 8-day Denali Prep course on Rainier, and then a plethora of weekend trips for mountaineering, mountain biking, bouldering, or skiing. Also, a bit difficult to take a month or more off when you are supposed to be training for either mountaineering or trail races. Once October rolls around and employment is figured out, I suspect a bigger adventure may get on the books.

OK, I think that mostly gets you up to speed on the big items. Good? Excellent! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go exercise. Whee!