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Picnic Training - Week 18

May 12, 2019 to May 18, 2019

Sunday - Rest Day! Woo!

Monday - 1 hour bike ride (16 miles, 817 ft)

Tuesday - Rest Day! Woo!

Wednesday - 10 laps on Tabor (2.5 miles, 1385 ft) and 7 miles of bike commuting

Thursday - 30 minute chilly, open water swim in Columbia (0.8 miles)

Friday - 1 hour bike ride (16.5 miles, 955 ft)

Saturday - Full day of bouldering at Horsethief Butte.

The taper continues! These little rest weeks before a large event are hilarious in how things just feel wrong. Little niggling issues with your joints seem to appear (why is my right knee hurting when I did absolutely nothing yesterday?), while you feel both oddly sluggish but also a little too energetic.

Tina has sadly caught a cold and has been battling it for the past week. And, my seasonal allergies appeared in all of their histamine-releasing glory and the resulting medication has left me feeling somewhat drowsy. Naturally, this was the perfect time for me to reduce the amount of caffeine I am consuming in order to increase its effectiveness during the Picnic. Ugh.

Also, I have gained a few pounds. Nothing noticeable in the mirror but the scale has informed me that for these past three days I have been consistently five pounds heavier than I was during my training. Ruh-oh, I had better stop eating all of these chocolate wafer cookies from Trader Joe's! Ha ha ha, that's not going to happen! In fact, I have eaten five while writing this very paragraph...

This coming week only has a bike ride, maybe a swim, and then that's it. Two full days of rest and then The Picnic! It's almost here!