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Picnic Training - Week 12

March 31, 2019 to April 6, 2019

Sunday - 2.5 hours bouldering at NE Circuit

Monday - Rest day.

Tuesday - Sick day!

Wednesday - 1 hour bike ride (16.2 miles, 774 feet)

Thursday - 1.5 hour bike ride (19.3 miles, 1732 feet)

Friday - 2.5 hours bouldering at NE Circuit

Saturday - 5 hour bike ride (63 miles, 5328 feet)

Woke up at 4am Tuesday morning with a congested nose and unhappy throat, so this week ended up being a little easier than originally planned. Bailed on all of the swimming, took an extra day off, and my mid-week bike rides were shortened. Busting my butt last Saturday, doing a solid morning of climbing on Sunday, and then hanging out with a 2-year old Sunday night may have contributed to my illness. Maybe.

The Saturday long bike ride was originally supposed to be a double hike of Mt. Defiance, but it was more or less a downpour in the Columbia Gorge that morning and I still had nasal passages full of ickiness. No reason to risk getting more sick. By 11am the rain had stopped in Portland though, so I put on my bike gear and headed out to do four climbs in the West Hills. Solid Type II fun, especially with the headwind on the way back into town. Whee?