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Picnic Training - Week 11

March 24, 2019 to March 30, 2019

Sunday - 3.5 hours bouldering at NE Circuit

Monday - Rest day.

Tuesday - ~1 hour swim (2,475 yards), 1.5 hour bike ride (21 miles, 1627 ft)

Wednesday - 17 easy laps on Tabor stairs (2400 ft) and 7 miles biking to/from.

Thursday - 1 hour swim (2,750 yards) and 7 miles commuting

Friday - 2 hours bouldering at NE Circuit

Saturday - Double Dog Mountain hike (11.5 miles, 5827 ft) and Triple Seven Mile Hill Summit Bike Ride (37.5 miles, 4931 ft)

Look at that fun Saturday! We are less than two months out from our Mt. Hood Picnic Day, so it was time for a hard workout combining two of the activities. It delivered! I started the Dog Mountain hike still feeling my calves from the Tabor Stairs on Wednesday and thinking that it was going to be a long day. Yet, we finished an hour earlier than expected. During our activities we only took short 5 minute breaks at the top and bottom of each climb. And then there was an hour between the hiking and biking, since we needed to drive to Mosier from Dog Mountain, take a bathroom break, and change into biking gear.

The only trouble I had was that during the last climb up to the top of Seven Mile Hill, my legs felt devoid of energy. My breathing was easy but my legs felt heavy; simply not enough calories got absorbed into the system. This is a problem I have noticed during longer intense exercise days like trail runs around Mt. Hood. Somewhere around 5-6 hours, I lose the nutrition battle. A part of this is that I lose my appetite for bars and sweets rather quickly and I am not sure my other foods are digested quick enough to help. An area to work on.