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A Nation of Mass Shootings 12 June 2016

It’s frustrating. My Senators and Representative definitely know my views and they overwhelmingly agree with me. I annually give money to organizations that work to advocate for gun control and reduce gun violence. I publicly share my views on Twitter and Facebook. Nothing changes.

There is a significant segment of our population and an entire political party that finds it perfectly acceptable for 20 children to be slaughtered in a school, 50 people to be murdered in a nightclub, and a US Representative to be shot in the head. They are unwilling to even restrict the selling of assault rifles to people on terror watch lists.

You know what. Yes, I want to take your guns. Years ago, during my EMT training, I worked in an ER on a Saturday night in Fresno, California and watched as literal pools of blood formed underneath gurneys while doctors and nurses desperately tried to save dozens of lives that were put in danger because of guns.

You are in love with a device whose sole purpose is to maim or kill another living creature. You want to feel powerful? You want to feel strong? Save lives and do the right thing.